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Hanover adds Willowbrook warehouse

Hanover Township, Lehigh County, broke ground on its latest warehouse facility on Willowbrook Road, as reported at the July 7 meeting.

This is another spec building, so there is no tenant yet. Spec buildings, or speculative buildings, are built for resale with no specific contract or tenant in mind.

In other business, Hanover Township is one of the signatories of River Central multimunicipal comprehensive plan, organized to address growth, preservation, balanced development, the economy and transportation.

The township is looking for comments from a survey. The website is planrivercentral.org.

About five years ago, the township worked on rehabilitation efforts with Catasauqua Lake, located in Hanover’s Canal Park recreation system. The township reportedly spent thousands of dollars for the restoration. In three years, the vibrant lake has become muddy and lacking any vegetation.

The architects of the new River Central plan might be able to assist with the issue.

The township is planning for a community day celebration in September. The idea is to have food trucks present.

The township engineer has approved roadwork for the middle and lower sections of Postal Road. This project was delayed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Township Manager Melissa Wehr noted a new tenant will present credentials for the space shared with Morris Black on Marcon Boulevard. The prior tenant withdrew his application.