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Eastern Star chapter celebrates a century of service

By Susan Bryant


Eastern Star East Penn Chapter No. 336, which was constituted April 6, 1921, turned 100 on April 6.

According to Eastern Star member Elsie Heist, the Eastern Star is the largest fraternal organization in the world to which both men and women belong.

“It’s a benevolent and charitable organization and is dedicated to charity, truth, and loving kindness,” she said. “We raise millions of dollars annually within our membership for numerous projects that benefit all mankind, such as educational scholarships, veteran’s hospitals and homes, cancer research, heart fund, regenerative medicine, and it supports four Masonic homes for our members.”

The chapter, which meets once a month at the Masonic Temple, 18 Crystal Cave Road, Kutztown, has not been able to celebrate its 100 years yet due to COVID restrictions, Heist said.

The chapter initiated its 100th matron, Angie Heist, daughter of Elsie and Ronald Heist of Breinigsville in October 2016.

Angela Heist explained why she decided to become a member of the Eastern Star East Penn Chapter No. 336.

“I wanted to continue the family legacy,” she explained. “Both my father and mother are part of this chapter. My grandmother, who is deceased, was a member of this chapter as well.

“My mother is a past matron, and I wanted to follow in her footsteps, which is why I accepted the position of Worthy Matron.”

Angela Heist said membership into an Eastern Star chapter includes Master Masons and women with specific Masonic affiliations.

“Initiation is offered after a verification process,” she said. “Initiation is an extremely beautiful night filled with ritualistic work expressing spiritual values. All faiths are welcome.”

Angela Heist explained how it feels to be a member of the Eastern Star.

“It’s inspiring to be with so many men and women sincerely dedicated to reflect the spirit of fraternal love and a desire to work together for good,” she explained.

Angela Heist said her symbol, part of the character-building plan, is the diamond. Her flower is the rose.

“I chose the diamond because it is both brilliant and resilient, and our members and chapter embody those characteristics,” Angie Heist stated.

Angela Heist, with Eastern Star East Penn Chapter No. 336, stands in front of the rose bush her grandmother gave her family years ago.
100th Worthy Matron Angela Heist for Eastern Star East Penn Chapter No. 336, (center) with her parents Ronald and Elsie Heist of Breinigsville. The basket in front belonged to her late grandmother.
PRESS PHOTOS COURTESY THE HEIST FAMILY 100th Worthy Matron Angela Heist with her officers for Eastern Star East Penn Chapter No. 336.