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Catasauqua Garden Club continues to grow

Catasauqua Garden Club offered a wide array of plants for sale May 22 in the 300 block of Front Street, between Blondies Cupcakes and Melvin’s Farm Stand, just north of Blocker’s Coffeehouse. Also available for purchase were flower bulbs and seeds.

Customer Sarah Frankenfield, of West Catasauqua, was delighted with the plants she purchased for her home and patio.

According to Debra Mellish, garden club president, the club has been in existence for 62 years. Two years ago at the group’s 60th anniversary celebration, the club honored its last remaining founding member, Martha Capwell. Capwell turned 96 recently and continues to be a member of the club.

Other board members and general members were on hand at the sale. Linc Coffin, vice president; Betty Rabenold, secretary; and Barbara Verba, treasurer, were present. Coffin, a retired banker, staffed the sale’s cash register.

Rabenold, June Klinger and Nancy Van Horn, all former club presidents, were at the sale, as were members Cathy Rutman and Mary Farner.

One customer purchased a plant called cut leafed cone flower, a robust perennial. It can grow up to 10 feet tall and sprouts beautiful yellow flowers.

Mellish noted that years ago, prior to indoor plumbing and indoor toilets, the cut leafed cone flower was planted around outhouses. An outhouse was a structure built away from the main house that contained a method for use in place of what now are in-home bathroom toilets.

Because the perennial cut leafed cone flower grew tall and rapidly with many beautiful flowers, the plant was used to beautify the outhouse.

Absent an outhouse, people now plant them for their beauty and the ubiquitous flowers they generate that can be cut and placed in a vase to beautify indoor rooms.

The club has been working to beautify Catasauqua for more than 60 years. The group is always seeking new volunteers.

For more information about Catasauqua Garden Club, visit the club’s Facebook page.

PRESS PHOTO BY BILL LEINER JR. Sarah Frankenfield, of West Catasauqua, shows some plants she purchased at Catasauqua Garden Club's plant sale May 22.