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North Whitehall Twp awarded $68,000 for security, technology upgrades

Even before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, North Whitehall Township began planning security and technology upgrades that would provide protection and efficiency for their staff, visitors, volunteers, and officials, according to information provided by township Manager Chris Garges.

Planned technology upgrades included purchasing a secure server, installing fiber-optic high-speed Internet, and upgrading the phone system.

Planned security upgrades included installing a new security system, access control system, and bullet-resistant service counters and windows as well as upgrading security cameras.

The township approached state Sen. Pat Browne, R-16th, seeking funding opportunities to assist with these important improvements, Gargas wrote via email.

“The senator was able to help us secure $68,000 in funding for the township that will enable successful completion of all of the planned improvements,” Gargas explained.

To date, several of the improvements have been completed and have exceeded expectations.

“High-speed Internet and server upgrades proved vital for employees who were forced to work remotely at the height of the pandemic,” Gargas emailed. “As the township returns to a sense of normal operations the access control and service counter upgrades will provide safety and security for visitors and staff.

“The township thanks Browne for his assistance in ensuring the safety of the township’s employees, visitors and residents.”