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Getting ready to play ball

Kennedy Leitch, Leah Sweetanna and Allison Barto take a quick break during the Egypt Memorial Park annual cleanup day March 27.
Volunteers hang safety nets for the batting cages.
Jim Crossin hoses off deep fryers to get the refreshment stand ready.
Aubrey Beckwith, Gabriella Morrison, Kennedy Leitch and Julie Leitch are hard at work manicuring the baselines.
PRESS PHOTOS BY DONNA GEWERTZ Julie Leitch and Frances Sweetanna edge the grass along the baselines on one of the park's baseball fields.
Juliet Bellanger is ready to do her part in the Egypt Memorial Park cleanup day to remove winter debris and ready the park for the upcoming baseball and softball season.
Ed Ziegenfuss, baseball director, and Tony Pagan, softball director, measure and mark baselines.
Parker Ziegenfuss, Damian Albeck and Connor Muth head out to ready the baseball field.
Volunteers Aiden Tacker, Scott Muth and John Barto anchor down safety netting as part of the park's annual cleanup day. Approximately 30 volunteers helped ready the fields for baseball and softball.