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Breaking ground: Coplay starts public works project

Coplay Borough Council members gathered March 22 for the official groundbreaking of the new public works project. They were joined by Mayor Dean Molitoris and Paul Boyle, public works director.

The first phase of the project will be the construction of the 15,500-square-foot building, which will include eight garage bays and an office. This will allow the borough to store all of its vehicles and equipment in one secure location.

The scheduled completion date is Aug. 16.

In addition to the building, the borough has made other plans for the property as well. A recycling center will be added so borough residents can drop off recyclables, similar to other local municipalities.

Also, an old structure along the edge of the lot will be removed to build a pavilion for people who pass along the Ironton Rail Trail.

The entire project is currently being funded by the borough, although it is hoped grants will be received to help defray the costs.

PRESS PHOTOS BY SCOTT M. NAGY Coplay Borough Council members, Mayor Dean Molitoris and Paul Boyle, public works director, celebrate the groundbreaking of the borough's new public works project March 22.
The project includes plans for a 15,500-square-foot building with an office and eight garage bays, a recycling center and a pavilion.