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Hanover considers noise regulation

Hanover Township is proposing to change its residential and industrial noise limits. The new ordinance will be proposed and discussed at the next council meeting, scheduled for March 3.

The noise limits are set at 57 decibels in residential areas and 77 decibels in industrial zones. For a comparison, normal conversion and background music is 60 decibels; office noise or inside a car is 70 decibels; average radio or a vacuum is 75 decibels. Heavy traffic, a window air conditioner or lawn mower push the limits of the scale. Sounds above 85 decibels are harmful.

The limits by the ordinance are lowered at night. The night limits are set at 57 decibels. There are penalties for exceeding the limits.

Township Manager Melissa Wehr asked residents to keep clear of fire hydrants in the deep snow.

As the spring weather changes, reservations for pavilions are still on hold.