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Transfer station to close


Special to The Press

During their Feb. 11 meeting, Lynn supervisors discussed a variety of options regarding the closure of the township’s transfer station along Scholler Road, which they say has consistently run in the red.

Township Secretary Tammy White said Waste Management takes recycling for free at its facility in Weisenberg Township, and supervisors discussed prices and service areas of the three trash haulers - Waste Management, Harold Adam Refuse Removal and Berger Sanitation - which serve Lynn Township.

Chairman Justin Smith said only around 30 people use the transfer station.

Supervisor Brian Dietrich said he would be in favor of closing the facility, as there were other viable options for residents to use for recycling.

A motion was proposed and accepted to close the transfer station at the close of business June 26.

The board said it would distribute information to residents about alternative trash and recycling services.

Supervisors said they would discuss steps for cleaning up and restoring the transfer station area at a later date, and they would likely post cameras and signage to dissuade littering.

Under subdivisions, the board discussed a hardship waiver request for the Blue Mountain Mennonite Church and School along Owl Valley Road, which is looking to construct two additional classrooms.

Township engineer Chris Noll said the church had received a special exception for zoning relief from the zoning hearing board, but it was also asking for a waiver from the land development process.

Noll said he would like if the applicant provided additional information on the stormwater management for the building, given additional impervious coverage.

He also noted that two additional classrooms would allow the school to double the number of students, which raised additional concerns about the site’s septic system capacity.

Dietrich and Supervisor Steve Feinour debated whether to grant the waiver request, with Dietrich noting the applicant had been “right upfront and honest” about building the school.

Feinour asked why the standard land development process needed to be waived.

The board also asked about placing the item on the February planning commission’s meeting agenda, despite being over the submission deadline, to be reviewed and returned to the supervisors in March.

After brief discussions with the applicant’s representatives, the board agreed to waive deadline procedures and bring the church’s classroom additions before the planning commission in February.

Under the road report, Smith said the road crew had been busy with road treatment, snow plowing and making vehicle repairs, noting two vehicles recently suffered broken axles.

He also said the township recently advertised for a new position to work in Ontelaunee Park in the summer, and on the road crew in the winter.

Supervisors approved a motion to select Ed Sawyer as the new employee at the established rate.

During the park report, the board approved an agreement to pay $700 per year for the Northwestern Lehigh Veterans Memorial website.

White also said for any updates to the website there would be a $65 charge per change.

Feinour asked that the memorial committee be responsible for paying for web updates.

Under miscellaneous items, White told the board a request had been received to have a link to the Northwestern Swim and Fitness organization be posted on the township’s website.

The board denied the request as Smith noted the township does not allow private businesses to post links on the official township website.

The next board of supervisors meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. March 11.