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BAVTS students show off skills in masonry house project

Masonry students at Bethlehem Area Vocational-Technical School have not been idle in perfecting their skills during the cold weather.

Students have been building mirrored, serpentine walls with a corbel soldier course and a rowlock cap. In addition to growing their skills, students are strengthening their professional terminology, such as corbel, which is a shelf or ledge formed by projecting successive courses of masonry out from the face of the wall.

Students practiced the layout of two straight lines with repeating half circles. They used various tools throughout the process, including a level, a striker that prepares the finish and a brick brush for cleanup. Additionally, they did straight cuts and diagonal cuts with the wet chop saw.

Strong employability skills were utilized, including teamwork, as the students had to work together. They also had to learn to visually trust their eyes to connect the serpentine.

Another factor in completing the wall was to use math estimation to determine the 3,738 bricks, 27 bags of mortar and 4 yards of sand needed to complete the project.

CONTRIBUTED PHOTOS Bethlehem Area Vocational-Technical School masonry students Gavin Hepner, Northampton Area High School, 11th grade; Brandon Koch, NAHS, 11th grade; Anthony Lyden, Freedom High School, 11th grade; Michael Georgiou, Liberty High School, 11th grade; Alec Geuss, LHS, 12th grade; and Chris Jurado, FHS, 11th grade, show off their serpentine walls.
Brady White, LHS, 12th grade; Henry Markham, NAHS, 11th grade; Lucas Sinift, NAHS, 11th grade; Cole Malehorn, NAHS, 11th grade; and Jacob Messinger, LHS, 11th grade, are proud of their masonry skills. Not pictured are Zach McGaughey and Justin Yearwood, both FHS, 12th grade.