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YWCA’s empowerment series concludes

The YWCA’s YES! Women’s empowerment series’ final sessions held recently were led by Danielle Adams, PCC, of Queen Suite Coaching. The topics were Navigating Change and Transition, and Emotional Intelligence.

Navigating Change and Transition began with urging participants to examine their motivation for making a change. Part of this is “discerning what we want to do, versus what we need to do. We also have to consider the risks and rewards before making a change.” Danielle also looked at the perspective needed when making a change that affects members of a team. Part of this is “understanding other’s fears, and creating dialogue to address these concerns.”

Some of the scenarios presented included passing on opportunities because of fear, and how change is needed when you realize your current situation is not supportive of your personal or economic growth.

Another question Danielle asked participants was, “Would your rather cope with, manage, or lead change?” She also outlined five ways of managing change and conflict:

1. Remain as you are

2. Avoid the situation

3. Make a change

4. Alter the situation

5. Accept the change

In the Emotional intelligence session, Danielle spoke about empathy. Empathy is the understanding of the feeling of others. While some people are naturally more empathic than others, Danielle asserted that we can learn to be more empathetic. She said “sometimes, we will see being empathetic as subduing our own feelings.” Danielle emphasized accepting others’ feelings while still appreciating our own. She said, “Emotional Intelligence decreases stress.”

For more from Danielle, visit www.Queensuitecoach.com

All participants in the workshop received a copy of Brene Brown’s book, Dare to Lead.

For more information on YWCA programs, visit www.ywcabethlehem.org.

Press photos by Lani Goins YCWA Program Director Jen Wanisko listens intently to the session.
Danielle Adam's, PCC, of Queen Suite Coach, led the series.
All participants received a copy of “Dare to Lead” by Brene Brown.