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Cooks with Collars

Cooks with Collars is an online competition among clergy in the Diocese of Allentown. On the website, you will find a collection of videos of priests in the community showing off their culinary skills. People can vote for their favorite video and donate as many times as they would like. The deadline to vote was Feb. 15 and the winners were announced Feb. 16.

Father Anthony Mongillo and Father Giuseppe Esposito were the cooks from St. Anne’s Parish of Bethlehem. In their video, Father Mongillo demonstrates how to make ravioli from scratch as his assistant Father Esposito comically asks questions that every viewer wants to know. You can visit the Cooks with Collars website at https://www.cookswithcollars.com/ .

PRESS PHOTOS BY LAKISHA BONNELL Father Giuseppe Esposito and Father Anthony Mongillo prep are for making homemade ravioli in the kitchen of St. Anne's of Bethlehem. The two are the stars of a video on the Cooks with Collars website. St. Anne's has raised almost $7,000 in this friendly competition.
Pasta maker: Father Giuseppe Esposito admires the pasta maker as he prepares to turn the handle of the well-crafted machine.
TURNS CRANK: Father Esposito turns the handle of the pasta maker used to press the dough of handmade ravioli while Father Anthony Mongillo supervises his younger student.
Father Esposito and Father Mongillo engage in a brief duel with kitchen utensils as they lay out ingredients used to make homemade ravioli.
This is an egg. Father Mongillo cracks an egg as Father Esposito reminisces about that time they made a mess with a raw egg because it was suppose to be hardboiled.
Got eggs? It's a perfect time to do some spur-of-the-moment juggling. Father Esposito juggles some ravioli ingredients as Father Mongillo watches in delight.
Here is a bowl for the flour. Father Esposito tries to dash the flour the way that Father Mongillo does.
“I can do this,” Father Esposito exclaims as he demonstrates his flour dashing skills to Father Mongillo. More photos on A2.
Machine: The magic happens with this marvel of a machine known as a pasta maker.
Bowls and table: Bowl, check. Flour, check. Eggs, check, Let's make some dough!