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Salisbury Elementary School opens its doors to students

PRESS PHOTOS BY REBECCA FOEHRKOLB ABOVE: Salisbury Elementary School opened its doors to the first students of the year. Kindergarten and first graders returned to face-to-face learning Jan. 27, while second through 12th grade students will return to their buildings Feb. 8. ABOVE: Kindergarten and first grade students at Salisbury Elementary School are excited to go back to school.
ABOVE: Kindergarten and first grade students go back to school Jan. 27. Some students continue to learn remotely.
LEFT: Muhammad Mahmud walks in to Salisbury Elementary School with Instructional Assistant Liz Seaman Jan. 27.
Sophia Butler is ready for her first day of the school year at Salisbury Elementary School.
LEFT: Georgia Kuhn hops off Bus 14 to go to Salisbury Elementary School Jan. 27. See additional photos on Page A11.
LEFT: Jacob Hottenstein and Asher McNeill are socially distancing while learning at school.
ABOVE: Abigail Hrycko and Hannah Warmkessel get right to work Jan. 27.
Skylar Walter and Chase Calvaresi show how the desks are positioned in the classroom at Salisbury Elementary School.
Olive Gower and Jorge Cintron are ready to begin their first day in the Salisbury Elementary School building this school year.