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Lehigh supervisors reorganize

The Lehigh Township Board of Supervisors annual organizational meeting took place Jan. 4 to appoint individuals to the zoning hearing and recreation boards, the municipal authority and the planning commission, as well as to conduct business.

The board appointed Cynthia Miller as board chair, Mike Jones as vice chair, Alice Rehrig as secretary and treasurer and Liz Gehman as zoning officer.

The position of township manager will have to be revisited because Miller expressed her desire for a different approach to managing the township.

With two board members, Mike McGonigle and Mike Jones, absent from the meeting, a three-vote majority was not possible.

The board established the amount of the treasurer’s bond at $1 million and named depositories for the township fund as BB&T, Neffs and PLGIT.

David Backenstoe and Michael Corriere were appointed legal counsel to the board of supervisors and the planning commission, respectively, while Hanover Engineering was appointed as the township engineers and Keystone Consulting as the sewage enforcement officers.

Matt Motsko was appointed to the municipal authority and Sandy Hopkins to the recreation board, but the position of vacancy board chairman will have to be put to a revote.

Miller was reappointed to the planning commission for a four-year term, and Adam Raker was appointed to the zoning board for a five-year term.

The board appointed Lori Lampert as tax collector committee representative and named Mary Trexler as her alternate. Rehrig was named chief administrating officer for the pension plan.

Miller was appointed voting delegate and the other board members were named as delegates to the state convention.

The board recognized Fire Chief Rick Hildebrand and Fire Marshall Roger Spadt and named Scott Rehrig as emergency management coordinator, with Mike Rehrig and Hildebrand as his assistants.

Key Codes was appointed as alternate building code official, and Key Codes, Keller and Lehigh Valley Inspectors were appointed as third-party inspection agencies.

Lastly, it was decided all meetings of the boards and the committee would remain the same, as would the holidays for nonunion employees. Wages for nonunion employees, however, will increase by $1,250.