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Mayor: ‘Safety a top priority’

“With the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine, it is imperative now, more than ever, that safety is a top priority throughout the vaccination process, from start to finish,” Donchez said.

With a COVID-19 vaccine ready for use all across the country, the most challenging aspect is the actual distribution process. The challenge lies with vaccinating a large number of people while keeping the same parameters in place to avoid the spread of COVID-19. After much consideration of how to safely and efficiently vaccinate as many people as possible, it was decided that UBMe and the Bethlehem Health Bureau was the ideal partnership.

UBMe’s technology begins with online scheduling, and a downloadable smartphone application walks residents through their appointment and allows an immediate alert if any symptoms are felt before the user leaves. People must wait 15 minutes after receiving a vaccination before departing to ensure they don’t feel symptoms.

“We are working to mitigate this pandemic as quickly as possible. By utilizing the UBMe technology to assist the Health Bureau in scheduling, distributing and monitoring vaccine recipients, we are efficiently and effectively vaccinating the priority group populations,” said Donchez.

As more people are expected to get vaccinated within the early months of 2021, there will be a greater need to ensure that safety protocols are being followed and executed. UBMe and the Bethlehem Health Bureau are continuing to ensure that the vaccination process is as safe and time-sensitive as possible, to make the experience smooth and seamless for everyone involved.

UBMe is a start-up technology company based in Bethlehem. Operating in the hyperlocal business-to-consumer industry category, UBMe’s proprietary mobile application helps businesses in dense market areas provide targeted and real-time interaction directly and immediately to local residents.

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