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NAHS grad gets creative for Amazon

Now living and working in Boston, Mass., health information management professional Adrianna Rota Melosky still enjoys her strong ties to the Lehigh Valley where she grew up.

The Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA) credits her mother, Kim, and grandfather Vincent Rota for inspiring her career choice.

The 2011 Northampton Area High School graduate is a technical product manager for Amazon Pharmacy, a service that sorts medications by date and time, packages them and delivers medication and pharmacy products to consumers monthly.

When Rota Melosky started college at the University of Pittsburgh, she was originally interested in becoming a doctor, practicing sports medicine.

“It wasn’t until my sophomore year at Pitt that I knew I wanted to pursue HIM (health information management),” Rota Melosky said.

At the time, she was shifting her focus to other career paths in the health care field.

“I received a letter from Pitt about the HIM program, and it was perfect for me,” she said.

The Pitt health information management program, which combines medicine, business management and information technology, teaches students how to quickly access accurate patient data to enable doctors to make critical medical treatment decisions.

Before and during college, Rota Melosky worked as a pharmacy technician at a Bethlehem CVS, where she gained valuable experience.

Rota Melosky worked at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center for two years while in college, where she developed her skills at information release, compliance, scanning, quality analysis, billing and coding.

“I was able to put my textbook knowledge into action,” she said, adding, “This experience helped me grow professionally by giving me a full understanding of how an HIM department functions.”

Rota Melosky landed an internship at MedAllies, a health information technology vendor in Fishkill, N.Y.

“My internship with MedAllies allowed me to see ‘under the hood’ to understand how systems integrate in an interoperable and transparent fashion,” Rota Melosky said.

“This experience drove my passion for finding solutions that would utilize data and technology to improve patient outcomes, support the continuum of care and make health care easy for patients,” she said.

Rota Melosky received a Bachelor of Science in health information management with a minor in computer science from the University of Pittsburgh School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences in 2016.

She ended up back at CVS, but this time in a corporate position, in pharmacy operations on the Process Innovation Team at CVS Headquarters, Woonsocket, R.I.

“I was responsible for standardizing prescription delivery across the enterprise to ensure stores were preparing and couriers were delivering medications in a compliant and legal way,” she said.

In March 2018, Rota Melosky began at Amazon as a member of the Amazon Care team. This group of Amazon professionals works to build a product designed to make high-quality health care easy to access for Amazon employees.

She is credited with creating a pharmacy solution that enabled the team to launch a mobile application for Amazon employees and their families to access virtual and in-person health care services in the Seattle area.

When asked how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted her job, Rota Melosky said, “I work from home instead of in the office.”

PRESS PHOTO BY ED COURRIER Adrianna Rota Melosky, pictured here at her parents' Northampton home during a recent family visit, is a technical product manager for Amazon Pharmacy, a service that sorts medications by date and time, packages them and delivers medication and pharmacy products to consumers monthly. She is a 2011 Northampton Area High School graduate.