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Green Santa delivers car, gifts

The late fall clouds of Dec. 9, 2020, showered in the season’s first snow, leaving the roads dusted with a crunchy texture. The Caulwell family, of Bath, were at home waiting for the delivery of their newly purchased pre-owned 2017 Chevy Traverse when they got a pleasant surprise.

They had participated in an exchange program where someone would be coming to switch the new car for the family’s old car. Like many aspects of this year, the wind brought along something the family was not expecting - their vehicle was delivered by a gift-giving guest dressed in green.

The SUV had an expected arrival of 11 a.m. but was delayed due to the sudden snow. Anticipation arose with every second as the snow continued to accumulate. Enough had layered on the ground for the sons of the house, Jimmy and Sully, to build a small snowman.

The family’s expected car finally arrived, driven by Santa Claus dressed in a green suit.

He opened the door and immediately gave out gifts, handing parents Dave and Susan a dozen green balloons from the car’s back seat. Santa shuffled around to the back of the SUV, where he opened the trunk to reveal gifts for the children - Brianna, Grace, Jimmy and Sully.

Green Santa stayed in Pennsylvania until Christmas as part of Gettacar, a new Bensalem-based online car buying and delivery startup company.

“Parents are looking for a creative way to keep the family’s spirit up,” shared a Gettacar representative. “Green Santa is a safe way for families to purchase a car and celebrate the holidays.”

If the Caulwells’ Christmas experience caught your attention, visit gettacar.com for more details.

PRESS PHOTO BY CASSANDRA DAYOUB Green Santa delivers Bath residents Dave and Susan Caulwell's new pre-owned 2017 Chevrolet Traverse Dec. 9, 2020, with a trunk filled with gifts as part of Gettacar's Green Santa program.