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Delaney Troxell excited to start career

Derek Troxell will graduate in June, and he presumably will end the family basketball legacy that flowed through with older brother Devon. It began with her father, Dave, being a sophomore starter on a district championship team. Grandfather Frank was a longtime and popular principal at the high school.

However, unbeknown to many, the family legacy has another chapter to be written, possibly the most productive one yet.

Freshman Delaney Troxell is projected to be a starter on the girls’ basketball team this winter, and head coach Mark Seremula already has high expectations for the youngest Troxell. She will be the first freshman starter for Seremula, who will begin his third year at the helm.

Troxell already played on the volleyball team this fall, and plans to participate in softball in the spring.

“Softball is her main sport, but she is a pretty good basketball player,” said Seremula. “We expect her to score some points, and we haven’t a player on the wing who can be a consistent scorer.

“She has a very good outside shot and can penetrate as well. Delaney is a smart player with court sense, and she is going to be a four-year starter. Delaney is a natural leader and the freshman class follows her. She can get vocal if she has to.”

With the season rescheduled due to COVID-19 restrictions, Troxell is anxious to begin her career.

“It’s very challenging to come in as a freshman,” she said. “I definitely am excited to play with the upperclassmen. Right now, everything seems weird, but I have to see what it’s going to be like.

“I am confident in my abilities, and I welcome the challenge. I don’t totally know what to expect especially since we didn’t play in a summer league.

She always has received support from her father and brothers as well as mom Gretchen.

“My brothers always have been there for me,” she stated. “They and my dad have really taught me about the game. I know it has helped me. My mom also has been there and really has provided support.”

Brother Derek knows what the experience can be like as a freshman starter.

“I’m excited to see her play at the varsity level as a freshman,” said Derek. “I gave her the advice to just work hard and push herself everyday.

“As a freshman, I played varsity as well. I told her that she’s going to make mistakes and that’s part of the game. But it’s how you make up for it that matters the most.”

Troxell won’t shy away from the spotlight. She has been a pitcher on traveling softball teams, and began playing softball and basketball in kindergarten.

“I don’t mind being a leader,” she said. “I have pitched in big games before, and I am used to pressure. I know what to expect, and I have been in big games since I was little.

“In middle school, I really started to feel confident about my shot and my overall game. Things really started to come together for me.

“One of the biggest things for me will be looking to blend with my teammates and getting a sense of court awareness.”

The Roughies will open the season Tuesday at home against Notre Dame, and Troxell is ready to take the first step.

“I can just go out there and try my best,” she added. “It can be a little nerve wracking, but I’ll be all right. I’m looking forward to playing.”

Chances are, most of Catasauqua will be as well.”