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The Kiwanis Club of Emmaus hosts annual special needs party

PRESS PHOTO BY C. RICHARD CHARTRAND The Kiwanis Club of Emmaus hosts its annual special needs drive up Dec. 12 at The Lutheran Church of The Holy Spirit in Emmaus. ABOVE: Cody Kasiski meets Santa at the special needs drive up Dec. 12. There were 28 families signed up for the event. Each guest of honor received a gift card. Additional photos appear on Page A2.
Michael Afflerbach and his family drive up and are greeted by Santa and Renee Wetherhold as Santa's helper.
PRESS PHOTOS BY C. RICHARD CHARTRAND Samantha Labowski receives a gift and a hello from Santa.
Posing with Santa and Mrs. Claus are Linda Salter, who organized the event and Renee Wetherhold, both with the Kiwanis organization.
The Emmaus High School Key Club volunteers to guide the cars in and around during the event. Guests would drive to the far end of the parking lot where they were greeted and gave their name. Volunteers called Santa's helper to let them know who was coming so they could be ready for them when they drove up.