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Success at the community sale

Catasauqua Borough Mayor Barbara Schlegel and her husband, Catasauqua Councilman Gene Schlegel, tag-teamed the opening of the annual Catasauqua community yard sale, which was held Oct. 17 at the firefighter training center on Race Street in the borough.

Proceeds from the sale benefit Catasauqua Police Department’s K-9 unit.

Both Schlegels were buzzing around coordinating the sale’s opening. Barbara Schlegel was in charge of the grill operation, also doubling as the sale headquarters. Gene Schlegel helped whenever his wife needed assistance with a task. It did not take the efficient team long to set up.

The sale offered an impressive variety of items ranging from glassware to children’s toys and clothing. Specialty items were available, such as an interesting collection of 10-inch-diameter plates featuring different Native American graphics. Sundry items were also on sale. These included shampoos, conditioners and skin softener products.

Marianne Brodman, a Catasauqua native, was happy to have a table there that day. She offered children’s toys and household items for sale. When interviewed, she said she had just completed a sale of two Matchbox cars for a 4-year-old boy, who was grinning from ear to ear over his new cars as he and his grandfather walked away.

The fee for renting the table spaces assists the K-9 unit.

Under a shaded area, Ashley Hann and Jarrad Santee, both of Catasauqua, had several tables that featured children’s clothes, games and toys. The setup was attractive and inviting. Both were excited to sell some merchandise.

As more customers streamed in, one could see the grill operation increasing with activity. Barbara Schlegel was busy serving hot dogs, while Gene Schlegel hobnobbed with attendees.

There were also a couple of bags of quality dog food donated to the effort. This was a win-win-win event - the vendors won, the customers won and, most importantly, the K-9 unit won, which will enhance public safety.

PRESS PHOTO BY BILL LEINER JR. Catasauqua Borough Mayor Barbara Schlegel heats some hot dogs on the grill during a community yard sale Oct. 17 at the firefighter training center on Race Street in Catasauqua. Proceeds from the event benefit Catasauqua Police Department's K-9 unit.
PRESS PHOTOS BY BILL LEINER JR. Gene Schlegel, Catasauqua Borough councilman, surveys the community yard sale grounds as vendors set up and customers begin to stream in.
Marianne Brodman, a Catasauqua native, sets up her vendor spot at the sale, held Oct. 17 at the firefighter training center on Race Street in the borough. Brodman said she is grateful to assist the police department's K-9 unit and hopes to sell some items.
Ashley Hann and Jarred Santee, both of Catasauqua, have a huge table of children's clothing and toys for sale at the Catasauqua event.