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‘What America do you want?’

To the Editor:

I must say I disagree with the letter from Jim Knerr in the 9-9-20 edition.

Mr. Knerr is a good and intelligent man and a fellow American. However, the letter uses imagery and unsupported claims being pushed by the right wing fringe.

In no place does the opposing party approve of the images he mentions. Trump is not a great leader; the truth is that COVID could have been handled better (honestly), the economy currently is a mess, the country is divided worse than in 1968 and the U.S. image globally is sorely damaged – I deal with it every day in international business in both Europe and Asia and for the most part, they believe we have a buffoon at the helm. But I am not writing to argue the views or add on to this endless debate.

The point of this note is about democracy with a small “d” and the election.

As Americans, we need to come together more now than ever and be the plural democracy ideal once taught in civics. This election needs to be about principles, not about the twisted view of the past few years or the distortion of the Obama presidency.

As Americans, we should not be guided by the divisive rhetoric of the Fox News machine nor the far left either. Multiple ideas and compromise are the foundations of the America I want.

This is the America that won World War II and landed on the moon. Why we are not gathering together with a unified plan to fight COVID right now is a crime!

This election is not a referendum on Obama years but rather one becoming a choice between White Supremacy and Plural Democracy; between Polar division and Compromise; between unthinking Tweeting and considered Governance, and between the Center and Fringes. We need to consider that in the coming weeks. What America do you want?

That is my view and I strongly defend Jim’s right to share his as well. I just cannot agree with the images promoted of the center left of America by Fox(y) News.

Rick Keller