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Q & A... With Liberty’s Brady Wied

Liberty’s lacrosse player Brady Wied will have a chance to play sports in college, but his final spring season at Liberty will always go down as the one that got away.

Here are Wied’s thoughts on a lost spring season that many seniors across the Lehigh Valley have suffered.

We will be attending Arcadia University to play lacrosse and is currently undecided on his major but will possibly pursue sports management.

1. Now that the news of the spring season being over has had time to sink in, what are your thoughts or emotions about not being able to play your senior year?

“It sucks to have everything you worked for in the years before to be cut short and you miss your senior season. I am fortunate enough to be able to play the game at the next level in college so that is something I can look forward to and keep working at.”

2. What were you looking forward to the most this season?

“Being able to play one last time with my teammates. It was looking like the season was going to go better than the years past and also the future is bright for the team in the years to come with good players in the classes below.”

3. What activity did you find yourself doing the most during quarantine?

“Completing all my online schoolwork and shooting lacrosse in my backyard.”

4. What did you miss most about normal life?

“Nothing has been normal as of recently. Having to do school from home, not being able to see school friends and most of all not being able to play the game I care about most.”

5. If you had the choice to be stuck at home with any teammate(s) during the quarantine, who would they be and why?

“I would choose a fellow captain, Anthony Mosley. I’ve known Anthony since elementary school and we’ve been friends since then and there’s always a few good laughs between us whenever we are around each other.”

6. Can you name your favorite movie, show or series you’ve watched over the past month?

“Criminal Minds.”

7. What’s the worst part about being stuck at home?

“Not being able to do much and stay at home during my senior year.”

8. What was the first thing you wanted to do once the quarantine was over?

“Not sure yet but something with my friends I can imagine.”

9. What lesson(s) have you learned throughout this whole process?

“Don’t take anything for granted. It’s not just a senior season I’m missing, but countless other memories I could be making with my fellow classmates and friends if this all hadn’t occurred.”

Brady Wied lost his senior season playing lacrosse for Liberty. Copyright - Digital Media Magic