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Whitehall’s spring sports season featured a host of talented seniors whose final opportunity to represent their school on the athletic field ended when the school year was officially canceled. Following are a list of eight questions posed to seniors who would have been competing this season.

This questionnaire features Britney Bonhomme, a track and field athlete.

1: What are your plans for next year? What will you be studying?

“I will be attending Muhlenberg College this fall and studying biology. I plan to pursue a pre-dental track.”

2: Now that spring sports have been canceled, what is the biggest thing you’ll miss about no being able to compete your senior season?

“The biggest thing I will miss about not being able to compete in my senior season is the ability to bat personal records and create strong bonds with coaches and teammates.”

3: Heading into the season, what were your goals?

“I long jump and my goal was to jump at least 14 feet within the first two meets.”

4: As a senior, you are going through something that’s unprecedented. Nothing like this has ever happened. What’s the best advice you’ve received?

“The best advice I have received is to plan well in advance. No matter what may happen it is still good to have a plan.”

5: What are you doing to fill the time?

“Lately I have been working out at home to keep myself in shape. I have been learning new food recipes to spice up dinner time. And I even started planning for life after college. I see this as plenty of free time we may never have again so I am using it as productively as possible.

6: Is there anything that’s been positive through all this?

“All of the free time I have is the only positive thing about this.”

7: Of all your teammates, who is handling the isolation the best? And what have you learned about yourself?

“My teammate Ella Holmes has been handling isolation the best. I have learned about myself that I would not do well with online schooling.”