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Shylynn Cordero, senior, Becahi softball, 2nd base/outfield will be attending Gwynedd Mercy University.

Q: How would your teammates describe you?

A: “Very lively, lots of energy and always smiling.”

Q: How did you keep softball alive while you were not playing on the team?

A: “I do at home work outs. I also go out and hit into the net or on the field.”

Q: What is a favorite hit or play you made in the past at Becahi?

A: “My favorite hit I’ve had was probably the triple I had when we were playing Liberty, being that they are one of our rivals.”

Q: What were your personal goals for this season going to be?

A: “I truly felt something special with this team. I don’t know what it was but there definitely was something brewing here. I saw a few gold medals in our future.”

Q: What have been your coping mechanisms during this time?

A: “I’ve been really watching lots of college softball games. Watching them makes me even more excited to get back on the field.”

Q: What is one of your favorite sports stories about Becahi softball?

A: “One of my favorite sports stories would probably be about the day we beat Liberty 4-3 on May 1, 2019. That was a really big moment for us. It was the bottom of the seventh, runner on first, two outs. The girl up to bat kept railing the balls foul, and at this point, the game could not end. It was either a walk-off home run by Liberty or a strikeout thrown by our pitcher Emma Bond. Emma threw that last pitch and there it was, a strike out. We all were on Cloud 9 after that win.”

Q: What is the first thing you’d like to do when the quarantine is over?

A: “I plan on visiting a lot of my friends and teammates.”

Shylynn Cordero will attend Gwynedd Mercy University in the fall. Copyright - Digital_Media_Magic_LLC_Nazareth_PA