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Northwest swim waits for the green light

Northwest summer swim team coach Reik Foust is waiting for the green light, or, in this time of the coronavirus, the yellow light, to be able to start a summer swim season.

The season will look differently, of course, since the ABE Suburban Swim League has voted down the prospect of its usual competitions.

Foust explained that, if there were to be a competitive season, it could be shortened and held under different criteria. Another option would be to have an invitational meet if the counties involved would go to green, as decided upon by Pa. Gov. Tom Wolf.

“We’re a private pool, so once the governor goes yellow, we can open, but we can only have 25 people in the pool area at any given time,” said Foust.

“We offered a situation where, if we were swimming against Stones Crossing, for example, both pools could host the meet.”

In that type of situation, the older swimmers would compete at one pool while the younger swimmers would compete at the other.

“Other clubs sort of liked the idea,” Foust said.

In the meantime, everything is on hold.

“I feel disappointed for the senior kids and the kids who came into their own and wanted a productive summer, but I try to remind myself of the bigger picture,” said Foust.

“We’ll figure something out, but I don’t know. We’re hopeful. It’s a little discouraging but only a little bit.”