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On a foggy hillside cemetery in Fountain Hill people gathered Dec. 14, 2019, to hear dignitaries express respect for the veterans who are buried in plots scattered over the broken but hallowed ground.

Representatives from each of the military services in turn carried pine-boughed and red-ribboned wreaths to white Christian crosses set up for the occasion.

After appropriate remarks on the sacrifices of the fallen and the solemn duty to honor them, a Navy Sea Cadet contingent of three riflemen fired seven volleys for a 21-gun salute.

Following the ceremony attendees, who were bundled up against the cold fog and threatening rain, picked up wreaths and spread out over the hillside cemetery and searched out gravestones which were marked by a small American flag as the resting place of a veteran.

Marine veteran Floyd O'Brien, of Emmaus, salutes a fallen comrade after laying a wreath Dec. 14, 2019, in Fountain Hill.PRESS PHOTOS BY DOUGLAS GRAVES