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Lehigh University

Many local students were awarded bachelor's, master's or doctoral degrees May 20 during Lehigh University's 145th Spring Commencement ceremonies at Goodman Stadium, Bethlehem. The graduates and their degrees are Syed Ahmed, Master of Business Administration; Yassira Alaziz, BS In Civil Engineering, High Honors; Abdullah Alsaeeri, Master of Engineering; Kadir Ayantas, Master of Engineering; Vincent Barral, Master of Science; Kenneth Barry, Bachelor of Arts, Highest Honors; Raveen Beemsingh, Master of Business Administration; David Brow, Master of Engineering; Lauren Calabrese, Master of Arts; Chen Chen, Doctor of Philosophy; Liyuan Chen, Master of Engineering; Qiang Chen, Doctor of Philosophy; Xi Chen, Master of Accounting Information Analysis; Yanxi Chen,Master of Accounting Information Analysis; Reza Chowdhury , Master of Science; Andrew Chupa, Bachelor of Arts, Honors; Samuel Clearman, Master of Science; Alexandra Coman, Doctor of Philosophy; Katy Cronin, Master of Business Administration; Stephen Csernica, Doctor of Philosophy; Yuwei Cui, Master of Engineering; Feng Dai, Master of Engineering; Na Dai, Doctor of Philosophy; Tonya Dellatore, Master of Education; Roman Dusyk, MS Analytical Finance; Leah Dworkin, Master of Education; Anthony Dzaba, Master of Engineering; Lance Rafael Fabia, BS In Mechanical Engineering; Jacqueline Faison, Master of Education; Wenjie Fan, Master of Accounting Information Analysis; Fan Feng, MS Analytical Finance; Yiwei Feng, MS Analytical Finance; Giulio Finestrali, Master of Science; Rinosh Polavarapu, Master of Science; Yufei Qi, Master of Science; Ziyuan Qin, Master of Science; Abhishesh Regmi, Doctor of Philosophy; Tamique Ridgard, Master of Education; Nicholas Rolland, Master of Education; Aline Sa, Doctor of Philosophy; Kadeem Samuels, Master of Engineering; Marissa Satterfield, Master of Education; Xiaojia Shao, Master of Engineering; Zhuoyuan Shao, Master of Engineering; Wenyu Shi, Doctor of Philosophy; Zheng Shi, Master of Science; Hannah Singer, Bachelor of Arts; Laura Solomon, Master of Science; Ge Song, Master of Education; Sonam Srivastava, Master of Science; Hannah Stabolepszy, BS In Civil Engineering, Highest Honors; Changgeng Su, MS Analytical Finance; Jian Sun, MS Analytical Finance; Mengtao Sun, Master of Science; Krissada Surawathanawises, Master of Engineering; Mary Catherine Taglang, BS In Business and Economics; Wei-Yi Tai, Master of Engineering; Chandresh Thakur, Master of Engineering; Ukrit Thamma, Master of Engineering; Burak Ahmet Tuna, Master of Engineering; Elizabeth VanOss, Master of Education; Raghusrinivas Vishnubhotla, Master of Science; Boshen Wang, Master Acct and Info Analysis; Chenglong Wang, Master of Science; Jialin Wang, Master Acct and Info Analysis; Kai Wang, Master of Science; Runtong Wang, Master of Engineering; Yuan Wang, MS Analytical Finance; Yuying Wang, MS Analytical Finance; Wei Wei, Master of Science; Lindsey Welch, Doctor of Philosophy; Jack Whylings, BS In Behavioral Neuroscience, Highest Honors; Qiong Wu, Master Acct and Info Analysis; Sijia Wu, Master of Science; Tianyou Xin, BS In Business and Economics, Honors; Cihang Xu, Master Acct and Info Analysis; Muxi Xu, MS Analytical Finance; Rui Xu, BS In Business and Economics, Honors; Zhengang Xu, Master of Science; Ke Xue, BS In Chemical Engineering, Highest Honors; Quan Yang, Master Acct and Info Analysis; Shu Yang, Master of Science; Yan Yang, MS Analytical Finance; Zaihan Yang, Master of Science; Panchao Yin, Doctor of Philosophy; Che-Wei Yu, BS In Business and Economics; Xiangfei Yu, Master Acct and Info Analysis, Jiao Yuan, Master Acct and Info Analysis; Syed Zafar, Master of Science; Haoxiang Zhang, Doctor of Philosophy; Hui Zhang, Master of Engineering; Mengfan Zhang, Master of Engineering; Liang Zhao, Master of Engineering; Weihuan Zhao, Doctor of Philosophy; Kaifeng Zhong, MS Analytical Finance; Qi Zhou, Master of Science; Tianyi Zhou, Master of Science; Yujuan Zhu, BS In Business and Economics; Alexander Kim, Master of Business Administration; Michael Kimball, Master of Engineering; Kareem Kombarji, BS In Civil Engineering, Honors; Chenyin Kong, MS Analytical Finance; Matthew Kosik, BS In Business and Economics, Honors; Celia Lahuerta-Almaza , Master of Business Administration; Hongsheng Li, Doctor of Philosophy; Shengjun Li, Master of Science; Shuqing Li, Master Acct and Info Analysis; Wenting Li, Master Acct and Info Analysis; Yang Li, MS Analytical Finance; Ting Liang, Master Acct and Info Analysis; Sheng-Hsiu Lin, Master of Engineering; Xiaomu Lin, Master of Science; Bryan Lipschitz, BS In Computer Engineering; Hang Liu, Master of Science; Yan Liu, BS In Info and System Eng., High Honors; Yi Liu, BS In Business and Economics, High Honors; Ying Liu, Master of Engineering; Yiqun Liu, Master of Science; Yue Liu, Master of Arts; Yujie Liu, Master of Science; Yunjie Liu, Master of Science; Huakan Lu, Master of Science; Haolin Ma, Master of Science; Yash Marathe, Master of Engineering; Erin Martin, Master of Education; Maurizio Mercurio, BS In Mechanical Engineering; Xiaowei Mi, Master Acct and Info Analysis; Negar Moghimi, Master of Science; Kittisun Mongkolsuttirat, Doctor of Philosophy; Yingting Mou, MS Analytical Finance; Kyatsandra Nagananda, Doctor of Philosophy; Lauren Nagy, Master of Education; Wutigri Nimlamool, Doctor of Philosophy; , Casey Noble, BS In Business and Economics; Roberto Ortiz, Master of Engineering; Deniz Pamukcu, Master of Engineering; Yuchen Pan, Master of Science; Binay Patel, Master of Science; Jeremy Payne, Doctor of Philosophy; Yu Fu, Master of Engineering; Christianne Gadd, Doctor of Philosophy; Yuan Gao Master Acct and Info Analysis; Aydin Gerek, Master of Science; Ehsan Ghazanfari, Master of Science; Lucia Giron, BS In Civil Engineering and Bachelor of Arts, High Honors; Ryan Glover, Master of Arts; FNU Goma Mabika, Master of Arts; Alejandra Gonzalez, BS In Business and Economics; Diana Guerrero, Master of Business Administration; Kellen Gunderson, Doctor of Philosophy; Anand Srinivas Guruswamy, Master of Science; Christopher Hajjar, Master of Engineering; Han Han, Master of Engineering; Carlos Hohl, BS In Civil Engineering; Zhineng Hong, Master of Engineering; Jianfei Hu , Master Acct and Info Analysis; Zheng Hu, MS Analytical Finance; Timothy Huber, BS In Mechanical Engineering; Andrea Iftime, Master of Engineering; Hui Jia, Master of Science; Gaojie Jiang, Master Acct and Info Analysis; Zixun Jin, Master of Engineering; Rachel Bochner, BS In Business and Economics; Mark Covelle, Master of Education; Kareem Elsayed, BS In Behavioral Neuroscience, High Honors; Rachel Engl, Master of Arts; Elise Esposito, Bachelor of Arts, High Honors; Luke Foley, Master of Engineering; Kristen Fricke, Master of Education; Ryan Fuller, Bachelor of Arts, Highest Honors; Elena Gambino, Master of Arts; Kyleigh Ivory, Master of Education; Kevin Jones, Bachelor of Arts; Gary Kowalick, Master of Business Administration; Yunfei Li, Master of Science; Keith Martin, BS In Mtrls Sci and Eng.; Gina Mason, Master of Education; Pankti Parikh, Master of Engineering; Rosemary Raposa, Bachelor of Arts; Katharine Reilly, Doctor of Philosophy; Alexander Robilotto, Master of Science; Jacqueline Schneider, Master of Education; Ian Skersis, BS In Business and Economics; Joseph Snow, Master of Education; Ferdinand Surit , Master of Education; Sabrina Terrizzi, Doctor of Philosophy; Luis Villegas, Bachelor of Arts; Kayla Virgone, BS In Earth and Envirnmntl Sci., Honors; Tugce Akbas, Master of Science; Kate Alford, Master of Education; Karen Ashman, Master of Education; Robert Atkinson, Doctor ofPhilosophy; Tiana Boyea, Master of Education; Brian Davies, Master of Education; Christopher Dempsey, Doctor of Philosophy; Devin Donovan, Doctor of Philosophy; John Dumnich, Master of Education; Jun Feng, Master of Science; Matthew Fischl, Doctor of Philosophy; Kylie Ford, Master of Arts; Leah Koneski, Master of Education; Seth Laracy, Master of Education; Patricia Muething, BS In Business and Economics, High Honors; Julia Nolf, Master Educ Leader and MBA; Cem Ozen, Doctor of Philosophy; Jason Philibotte, Master of Education; Trevor Pinho, Master of Education; Patrick Repasky, Master of Education; Maggie Riegel, Master of Arts; Alexander Shnaydruk, Master of Business Administration; Kelsey Stocker, Bachelor of Arts; Sarah Thomson, Bachelor of Arts, Honors; Jennifer Yang, Master of Education; Vincent Zoutenbier, Master of Science; Joanna Cheriyan, Master of Education; Christina DeSalva, Master of Arts; Joshua Fortin-Smith, BS In Mtrls Sci and Eng.; Katelyn Hancik, Master of Education; Jonathan Hoffman, Bachelor of Arts, High Honors; Kirndeep Singh, BS In Business and Economics, High Honors; Michael Squires, BS in Environmental Eng.; Emily Throne, Bachelor of Arts; Matthew Velekei , Master of Education; William Velekei, BS In Business and Economics, Honors; Hari Kanagala, Master of Science; Vural Kara, Master of Science; and Xinda Ke, Master of Science; all of Bethlehem; and Kathleen Kernan, Master of Science; Aimee Johnson, Bachelor of Arts; Natalie Hernandez, Master of Science; Felix Pinto, BS in Mech Eng.; John Folk, BS in Mech Eng.; Alyssa Conahan, BS in Business and Economics, Honors; Daniel Coronel, Bachelor of Arts; Alexander Borselli, Master of Science; and Justin Aoki; Master of Science; all of Fountain Hill; and Kimberly Shoemaker, Master of Education, Freemansburg.

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