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N. Catty council concerned about stormwater runoff

Dennis Yanek, a North Catasauqua Borough resident, made a complaint during North Catasauqua Borough Council’s June 3 meeting regarding an excess of stormwater runoff that accumulates in front of his property, at the corner of Green and Lincoln streets.

This intersection sits at the bottom of a hill in the Northampton Terrace neighborhood where stormwater from surrounding developments pool with nowhere to flow. The problem has been present for years, but with the recent storms, the water has reached depths of 12 inches, overtaking curbs and sidewalks, according to Yanek. This poses a risk for passing cars to hydroplane and lose control.

“I watch cars speed by all the time,” he said. “I’m just waiting for one of them to wind up in my living room.”

Yanek believes the storm drains are in the wrong places. He is concerned that moving the drains might not be enough to deal with the amount of water. The problem lies uphill in the surrounding development, where roads were built without enough means to manage the runoff, he said.

Peter Paone, council president, explained the borough is aware of the problem and is planning to rework storm drains when they repave those roads. Paone also made assurances all current and future developments, including the ongoing Willow Brook development, are complying with storm runoff ordinances to avoid creating similar problems in the future.

To determine which streets are most in need of repairs, Paone has proposed borough officials, employees and residents make use of the Carbin app for mobile smart devices. The app uses the motion sensor and GPS of smartphones to track how bumpy the roads are. The data is compiled into a color-coded map, which indicates where roads are the bumpiest.

Through his own use of the app, Paone has found stretches of Sixth and Buttonwood streets to be particularly bumpy. He hopes widespread use of the app could paint a more detailed picture of the roads in North Catasauqua. The map can be viewed at fixmyroad.us.

North Catasauqua Betterment Committee will be hosting a carnival June 12-15 at North Catasauqua William J. Albert Memorial Park, 701 Grove St. Wristbands will be available for all four days.

A representative from the betterment committee appeared before council with a $1,000 reimbursement for the purchase of 75 flags, which have been hung around the borough, along with a $1,000 donation intended for the purchase of an automated external defibrillator.

Borough council carried a motion to take full ownership of a street sweeping vehicle, which was previously co-owned by North Catasauqua and Allen Township. The co-ownership allowed for one party to take full ownership by paying half the vehicle’s value, or $2,000. Having purchased its own new street sweeper, Allen Township agreed to give North Catasauqua the vehicle for $2,000 if it agreed to pay all required repairs, which total approximately $6,000.

Borough council member Michele Hazzard announced her committee is in search of an open plot of land on which a community garden can be built. Committee members are open to suggestions from borough residents.

The next borough council meeting will be 7 p.m. June 17.