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Phone scam

Lehigh County detectives arrested two local residents believed to be prosecuting a long-distance telephone scam Nov. 20.

Angela Guzman, 38, and Narciso Burgos-Nunez, 45, both of Cherokee Street, were charged following an investigation instigated by the would-be victim, a man in Alabama suspicious of calls informing him his grandson was being held for bail in Lehigh County.

According to a release from county District Attorney Jim Martin’s office, the victim did not recognize the caller’s voice when he asked for $5,000 for bail to be mailed to a Hoffert Street address, and confirmed that his grandson was not being held. He later confirmed a second call, allegedly from the Lehigh County Public Defender’s office, was likewise false.

In conjunction with Martin’s office, the victim mailed an empty package to the Hoffert Street address, where detectives waited with the tracking number to apprehend Guzman and Burgos-Nunez.

The suspects are charged with criminal attempt to commit theft, and Martin warns these sorts of scams are very common and difficult to combat. They “often trick unsuspecting victims into relinquishing significant amounts of money. I encourage anyone receiving such a phone call to be suspicious and confirm the identity of the caller. In addition, contact your local police department with any concerns related to such calls.”