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Drug shootout

Police arrested five people after an alleged drug deal went wrong and resulted in a shootout and escape from a lot off Stefko Boulevard after noon Oct. 31.

Police said individuals in two cars, an Audi and a Kia, in the area of Jill and Livingston streets, began firing at each other, damaging one car and the truck of a passerby.

Officers stopped one car on Pembroke Road and the other on Goepp Circle. Upon obtaining warrants, police searched the cars, finding: Two firearms, additional ammunition, marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, THC oils, vape cartridges, marijuana edibles and packaging items for illegal distribution, and several thousand dollars in cash, along with counterfeit currency.

A subsequent search of 506 Cherokee St. revealed an additional firearm and cash – adding up to about $8,000 for the incident.

Charged are: Almalik Jackson, 19, of Manor Drive, Irvington, N.J., with false ID and possession of a firearm; Kaminee D. Marrow-McDowell, 19, of Cherokee Street, with multiple counts of drug possession; Mansoor Sultani, 30, of Tyler Way, with three counts of possession with intent to deliver; Alexandria Seidel, 23, of Hawthorne Road, with three counts of possession with intent to deliver; and Joseph Allen Jackson, 20, of West Broad Street, with three counts each of robbery, aggravated assault, possessing a firearm without a license, assault with a deadly weapon, and attempted homicide.

All five were committed to Northampton County Prison pending action, including additional firearms felonies.