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Respectfully Yours: Casual dining

Dear Jacquelyn,

I’ve noticed that many men are wildly, and often sloppily under-dressed when out on a date or to dinner with their dress-to-impress date, fiancée or wife. And what is it with men wearing their shirt tails out? Is it to hide their beer guts? A shirttail out resembles a dress on some men. Few realize how ridiculous they look. Furthermore, what happened to dressing up to go out to dinner?

Dear Reader,

Appropriate dinner and date attire has fallen into the category of what is easiest. Expense, the visual elimination of style barriers, and lack of time might be responsible for not dressing smartly. Casual Fridays contribute to the blur of what is considered casual versus sloppy.

In regards to being sloppily under-dressed, my first thought is that maybe they just weren’t taught how their clothing choices influence others’ opinions. However, if someone is aware that their image might prompt a negative reaction, I then consider it a style born of laziness and mistaken for style. Maybe if they knew that research conducted by Fruit of the Loom revealed that men who tuck in their shirts tend to make more money, they’d tuck in those shirttails.

Dining out is an experience and therefore you should dress up, especially when out on a date. Dressing casually does not mean dressing sloppily. It is possible to be comfortable and stylish. After all, if you dress better, you’ll feel better.

Respectfully Yours,


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