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Emmaus Borough Manager Shane Pepe has announced the carnival portion of Emmaus Community Day June 4 has been canceled.

“The Borough of Emmaus has recently advertised for Emmaus Community Day, which will occur this Sunday at Emmaus Community Park. In addition, the borough advertised a carnival with rides, games and food would also be at the park Friday through Sunday. This portion of the Community Day event has been canceled,” Pepe said.

Pepe said if any resident has purchased a pass through Kairos Productions, they are to contact the borough immediately with a receipt in hand.

“We will be filing a police report for any and all passes that were purchased,” Pepe said.

“It is the position of the Borough of Emmaus that either something catastrophic occurred to the promoter of the carnival, or the borough was defrauded by Kairos Productions and Entertainment, in which case, we will pursue all legal avenues, as we previously executed a legally binding contract with the company to perform at this event. Unfortunately, after the execution of the contract at a public Emmaus Borough Council meeting, neither the borough nor the owners of JCJ Entertainment and rides have been able to contact the promoter, despite repeated attempts,” Pepe said.

“While we are disappointed with this turn of events, which would have enhanced our event, we remain extremely excited for our Community Day and Summer Kick-Off event.”

The event will be held noon to 6 p.m. June 4 at Emmaus Community Park. It will feature local crafters, vendors, food, characters, live music from “Inch and the Echos” 3 p.m., different community organizations, face painters and other entertainment.

“We encourage residents and visitors to come and enjoy this awesome event,” Pepe said.