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Salisbury High School 2017 Academic and Service Awards

The following members of the Salisbury High School Class of 2017 received scholastic awards May 30 in a ceremony at the school.

Honorary Awards:

The Collaborative Leadership Award: James Hadinger, Ethan Heydt, Benjamin Wiener

The School Board Representative Awards: Agostino D’Ancona, Rania Nimeh

The Robert R. Gross III Leadership Award: Casey Laudadio

The Robert R. Gross “Never Give Up” Award: Zefeng Deng

The Race for Adam Scholarship Foundation Award: James Hadinger

The Pat Tillman Leadership Award: Rania Nimeh

The Mark Turbedsky Award: Alexander Diamond

Army ROTC Scholarship: Zachary Stringer

Memorial Scholarship Awards:

Scott Atiyeh Memorial Scholarship Award: Zoe Feller

Marsie Barth Memorial Scholarship Award: Jessette Long

Jennifer Joy Dillman Memorial Scholarship: Madison Herrmann

SADD Scholarship in Memory of Jennifer Joy Dillman: Agostino D’Ancona

Andy Doran Memorial Scholarship Award: Eric Frankenfield

Gaylord Griffiths Memorial Scholarship Award: Brianna Belzner

Michele Honochick Memorial Scholarship Award given by the Class of 2013: James Hadinger

Shaleece Martinez Memorial Scholarship: Marisol Rosario

Colin Geoffrey Ottinger Memorial Soccer Scholarship Award: Kyra Bruns

Eric Rodenberger Memorial Scholarship Awards: James Hadinger, Marisol Rosario

Jocelyn Scholz Memorial Scholarship Award: Mackenzie Sikora

David Todd Smith Memorial Scholarship Awards: Jaxon Costello, Caylin Meikrantz

Larry Starner Memorial Scholarship Award: Marisol Rosario

Frank Yelinko Memorial Scholarship Awards: Kyra Bruns, Eric Frankenfield

Department Awards:

Art: Outstanding Art Student: Taylor Vasilik

English: Outstanding Language Arts Student: Andrew Fletcher

Student Press Award for Newspaper: Alexander Diamond

Student Press Award for Yearbook: Casey Laudadio

Drama Awards: Jessette Long, Reilly Yankovich

Family and Consumer Science/Business:

Outstanding Business Student: James Hadinger

Outstanding FBLA Members: James Hadinger, Ethan Heydt, Mahlon Reihman

Outstanding Family and Consumer Science Student: Brianna Belzner

Health and Physical Education:

Outstanding Health and Physical Education Students: Morgan Goletz, Shane Simononis

Department Awards:

Math: Outstanding Math Student: Jacob Glenister

Music: Patrick S. Gilmore Band Awards: Zoe Feller, Reilly Yankovich

John Philip Sousa Band Award: Sabrina Sizer

National School Choral Award: Scheccid Alayola

Science: Outstanding Science Student: Gina Nadraws

Social Studies: Outstanding Social Studies Student: Benjamin Wiener

World Languages: Outstanding German Student: Jacob Glenister

Outstanding Spanish Student: Ethan Heydt

Additional Awards:

Athletic Booster Club Essay Scholarship Awards: Alexander Diamond, Eric Frankenfield, James Hadinger, Caitlin Hoeing, Tyler Keller, Mahlon Reihman

Charles W. Dent Congressional Citizenship Award: Ethan Heydt

Class of 2011 Scholarship Award: Alyson Godusky

Dwight D. Eisenhower Outstanding Leader of Character Award: Danalyn Roncolato

Lehigh Valley Engineering Award: Zackary Reinhart

National Honor Society Awards: James Hadinger, Ethan Heydt, Benjamin Wiener

The Rensselaer Medal: Michael Killiri

Salisbury Education Foundation Scholarship Awards: Agostino D’Ancona, Aaron Feller

Salisbury Youth Association Football Scholarship: Agostino D’Ancona

Sons of the American Revolution Good Citizenship Award: James Hadinger

Student Government Advisory Scholarship Awards: James Hadinger, Marisol Rosario

Twirling Booster Scholarship Award: Alyson Godusky

U.S. Army Reserve Scholar Athlete Awards: Mahlon Reihman, Leandra Roelker

U.S. Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Awards: Caitlin Hoeing, John Yurconic

U.S. Marine Corps Scholastic Excellence Award: Benjamin Wiener

U.S. Marine Corps Semper Fidelis Award for Musical Excellence: Sabrina Sizer

PRESS PHOTOS BY CHRISTOPHER DRYFOOSSalisbury High School recognized its most distinguished students during its annual Academic and Service Awards Ceremony May 30. Over the course of the two-and-a-half hour program, over 50 different awards are presented to many seniors and a handful of juniors. ABOVE: Jaxon Costello, left, receives an award honoring David Todd Smith, a Salisbury graduate who died