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Blue Mountain vistas welcome prom goers

Just before the members of the Class of 2017 close the book on the first part of their lives, they added another chapter titled “prom” and now that, too, is forever recorded on pages tinged with Northwestern’s colors.

“The prom is the last formal get together where the kids see all of their classmates at a party atmosphere before graduation in a fun and interactive way,” said Steph Dunbar, one of the class advisers.

Appropriately, black and gold featured in the black-wrapped Hershey kisses and gold- wrapped mints and in the table linens. Two large balloon pillars added to the festive atmosphere. For centerpieces, three candles reflected their glimmer on a single mirror placed on each table.

More than 200 students made the trip to Blue Mountain Resort on the last Sunday in May, in keeping with tradition.

In the Vista Ballroom, they danced to the music provided by Smooth Entertainment and dined on hors d’oeuvres of Swedish meatballs, chicken bites and taquitos and spinach artichoke dip before enjoying dinner.

Prom goers could choose between Chicken Parmesan with wild rice pilaf and grilled vegetables and Szechuan beef with fettuccini Alfredo and green beans. An ice cream sundae bar capped the dinner.

“Homecoming was fun and seeing everyone dress up is nice but everyone looks forward to the prom [starting] in their freshmen year,” said Mallory Sanders, class secretary.

A photographer from Dan’s Camera City was on hand taking photos. “Dan’s Camera City took the school photos at the beginning of the year and taking pictures at the prom was part of the package,” Dunbar said. A photo booth was also available.

“They got their pictures right away,” said Erica Gross, class adviser. “They literally put their pictures in their photo frames and left the prom with their pictures [in hand.]”

Hours of plans, preparations and decisions preceded the memorable evening.

“We were down between Blue Mountain and one other place, the Blue Shamrock in Lehighton,” said Anthony Vennera, vice president of the class.

Sanders discussed the other options for the prom.

“We visited three locations but looked at others online,” Sanders said. “Some people were against it because they wanted to do something different [but] those that were at the prom last year liked it so much, they wanted to go back.”

Though he doesn’t ski, Vennera said Blue Mountain was a perfect choice.

“The entrance is lined in stone,” he said. “The whole room is lined with windows with really high ceilings and fancy chandeliers, giving it a really spacious [feeling].”

Sanders noted the banquet hall was naturally beautiful.

“The room itself was really pretty so we didn’t really need decorations,” Sanders said, “and it has a nice view.”

The prom committee decided not to select a theme and focus on the school colors instead.

“Some girls always try to buy a dress to match the theme,” Sanders said, citing an example of how a Gatsby themed prom compelled some girls to dress in 1920s style.

The committee said adopting a theme would be too restrictive.

“They [stayed] on top of things,” Dunbar said. “They made all the decisions for the prom.

“They selected chalkboard photo frames as favors and they chose their gift to the school.”

Gross discussed what the students wanted for prom.

“They wanted to keep it very simple,” Gross said. “They wanted it to be very elegant.”

Northwestern’s prom was Noah Seng DeLong’s second party this season. He accompanied his girlfriend to Central Catholic’s prom, held in the gym at DeSales University.

The couple attended the second prom at Blue Mountain.

“Overall, I had a good time at her prom,” Seng DeLong said before the big event, “but I’m really excited to get together with my friends and make some memories and bond over that common experience.”

Brooke Wehr couldn’t agree more. Before the event, she predicted the prom would be “amazing.” She was excited to be going to the prom with Zach Stanley.

“Just being with my classmates is going to be a lot of fun,” Wehr said.

Emily Witt described her excitement for this year’s prom.

“I was really lucky to go last year but its really meaningful to go this year because I’ll be there with my friends,” Witt said.

Tessa Nichols discussed her excitement for prom.

“I actually went to the prom last year,” Nichols said. “We all went with a friend, a group of six. It was a girls’ night.”

Dominic DeMilio shared his outlook on the prom experience.

“I normally spend a lot of time outdoors because I love the woods, but the prom is a traditional high school experience,” DeMilio said.

Gross echoed all these sentiments.

“It’s their last hurrah together,” she said. “It’s kind of nice that [our prom] is just for seniors unlike some other school who might have a combined junior/senior prom.”

The Class of 2017 chose “Good Riddance” by Green Day for their class song.

“When they play their song you see their emotions change,” Dunbar said. “[After the prom] they’ll come back [to school] to take their finals and boom, there’s graduation and they’re off in the world.”

Northwestern Lehigh High School prom goers - Mihayla Rep, Sean Roth, Jesse Marley, Brandon Williams and Molly Laros and their dates - celebrate prom in the rain outside the ballroom at Blue Mountain.