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Hock not reappointed

Dennis Hock at the Jan. 28 meeting asked why he had not been reappointed to the recreation commission.

At the Feb. 10 meeting both supervisors Cindy Miller and Sandy Hopkins were in favor of reappointing him, but Supervisor Darryl Snover said there was a possibility of a conflict since Hock's wife is involved with litigation with the Lehigh Township Athletic Association. He said that weighed heavily on his decision not to reappoint though he appreciated what Hock had done as a committee member.

Hopkins read a letter received from a member enumerating the many things Hock has done for recreation. The writer said the lack of a reappointment was equivalent to putting him on a chopping block.

Miller said there had been a similar case on the planning commission where there was an involvement with litigation and if something concerning it came up the commission member abstained from voting.

Snover said Hock may be reconsidered after the legal case is ended.

The motion to reappoint was denied 3-2.

In other business, Shawn McGlynn resigned from the planning commission. His letter of resignation says he is starting a consulting business and it may be a conflict of interest.

The replacement of a one-ton dump truck is in the budget. Zamadics suggested a new F350 with a three-year warranty and a life expectancy of 20 to 25 years. The second choice was for a F550 used truck that is 11 years old and shows heavy use.

Zamadics will check prices before the next meeting.

The township has been invited to join the Nazareth Council of Governments. Backenstoe will talk to its supervisor and present more information on the COG by the next meeting. The COG includes Bath, Nazareth, Moore and Bushkill.

Supervisor Keith Hantz was concerned that the township may be forced into things it does not want to do. Backenstoe said they had a joint comprehensive plan which the township would not want to be involved in.

Malitsch said Hanover has done design work for the COG involving the comprehensive plan and may be able to provide some answers to questions.

Township Manager Alice Rehrig said there is $362,444 left over in the 2014 budget which should leave the township with an extra $162,000. Miller suggested $100,000 go to the building fund and $62,000 in the contingency fund.

Hantz said some of the extra money should go in the police salary fund. It will be on the agenda so everyone has time to think about it.

Police Chief Scott Fogel asked the National Rifle Association about rules for range inspections. He received 674 pages and said he will go through it and see what regulations he can come up with for local use.

Supervisor Dell Grove said the company from the Philadelphia area that wanted to do e-cycling at a charge of $700 would be making money on the items collected. He wants to check with a local person about costs.

Fifteen years ago there were plans to vacate a portion of Teel Road but residents wanted it to remain as a biking place for children. It will soon need major repairs. Backenstoe was authorized to draw up an ordinance to vacate it. The right of way will be surveyed..

A 36-inch stop sign will be added by PennDOT at Cherry Road and Route 248 with a 48-by-48-inch "stop ahead" sign. After installation they become the responsibility of the township. Supervisors want to know why the signs are considered necessary since they will have the responsibility.

PennDot will be asked to do a traffic study on Blue Mountain Drive to lower the speed limit from Treichlers to Danielsville or part thereof to 35 m.p.h. If the entire limit is lowered it will cost the township $1,508 to post the signs. Fogel said right at the school the limit goes from 40 mph to 45 mph.

Backenstoe reminded supervisors not to forget the need for a deputy tax collector to work only if for some reason the tax collector is unable to perform the duties.