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Snyder waives right to preliminary hearing

His head bowed, Timothy Howard Snyder waived his right to a preliminary hearing Thursday before Northampton District Judge Diane Marakovits.

Charges stem from a June 8 standoff with Northampton and state police at the Gin Mill and Grille, 1940 Main St., following a call he made to a 911 dispatcher saying he had a bomb and threatening to blow up an apartment and the tavern where he resided.

Snyder is charged with making terroristic threats and recklessly endangering others. Reports indicate Snyder was angered because police did not respond quickly enough when he complained of a stolen pocket knife.

Attorney Susan Hutnik, a Northampton County public defender, informed Marakovits in the courtroom that Snyder was waiving the case to county court. Hutnik, counsel for the 44-year-old defendant, said, "No comment" when asked by a reporter if Snyder was going to plead guilty in county court.

Unless the case is continued, Snyder will stand trial or plead guilty to the offense lodged against him at a trial Sept. 18.

Wearing a gray prison jumpsuit with "Northampton County Prison" in large letters on the back, Snyder showed no emotion as he replied "yes" to questions from Marakovits about whether he understood the charges and whether he agreed to waiving the hearing.

Standing beside Snyder was a state constable who brought Snyder in an unmarked white car to and from the district judge's courtroom. Asked to comment when he was led into the secured car, Snyder shook his head "no."