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Temple Beth El, Congregation Brith Sholom Families celebrate Purim

Members of Temple Beth El, South Whitehall, and Congregation Brith Sholom, Bethlehem, recently celebrated Purim.

The congregations, of which many members wore festive costumes, came together to read the Book of Esther and joyfully use their noisemakers for the Jewish holiday.

Purim celebrates the victory of the Jewish community in Persia, led by Queen Esther and her cousin Mordechai, over a plot, formulated by Prime Minister Haman and King Ahashuerus, to murder the Jews.

Esther convinced the king not to proceed with Haman’s plan.

In commemoration of this joyful event, Jews wear colorful costumes, play games and eat, especially hamentashen, a triangular-shaped, pocket-filled cookie.

Usual fillings include poppy seeds or fruits such as raspberry, raisins, apple and cherry, or chocolate.

Additional photos appear on Page A5.

Brianna Pure of South Whitehall and Thalia Levine of Allentown celebrate Purim in costume and eat fruit and hamentashen.PRESS PHOTOS BY ANITA HIRSCH