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We used to be able to voice our opinions,

Without any repercussion;

But, now when we speak our opinions,

Somehow they think we are Russian!

With every word that comes out of our mouth,

No matter how simple or pure,

We are branded a racist with each word we say!

When will they find a cure?

A cure for insanity, taking over our space;

With hatred and racism all over the place!

We cannot express how we feel about things,

Because of the nasty rhetoric it brings!

I feel like my message is never heard,

When I don’t agree with others …

How absurd!

We still live in America,

Where we are free to speak;

We are allowed our opinions,

Whether strong or weak!

Do not brand me with words of hate.

Do not challenge me to a debate.

I know how I think, and I know how I feel;

What I believe is, to me, truly real.

Because you do not agree with me,

Is certainly your freedom of choice;

So, speak as you may, that’s perfectly fine,

But don’t ever mess with mine!

Shirley Binkley

Cedar View Apartments