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Spreading kindness all around

A Sheckler Elementary School student is going above and beyond for his community members. Second-grader Layden Frisch, of Hanover Township, Lehigh County, has been giving bags filled with water and snacks, pictures he colored and letters he wrote to local essential employees.

“I have made goody bags and letters for the garbage men and mail carrier,” Layden said. “I wish I could make more bags for workers and people in need. I made thank-you letters to police, firefighters and doctors. I color different pictures for each letter.”

Layden is doing these good deeds now that our country is facing the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alysha Frisch, Layden’s mother, helps him with cutting and taping.

“My son did come to me to ask to do something nice for the workers. He loves to color. (We) thought he could hand out some with letters,” Frisch said.

Then the project grew. Layden said maybe some of the workers are hungry. Layden and his mom decided to make goody bags filled with water and snacks to “spread kindness, love, peace and show better days ahead,” Frisch said.

“I wanted to make the people who work really hard during these rough times we are having feel better. I want to spread love and kindness,” Layden said.

Catasauqua Police Department was thankful for the pictures Layden drew. An administrator for the department’s Facebook page shared one of the drawings.

Frisch said Lehigh Valley with Love, on Facebook, also posted a couple pictures Layden drew.

“I was so happy when one of my pictures was posted on the Catasauqua police page,” Layden said.

Layden was also happy to have a personal visit April 9 from Jenna Potak and Pat Best, Catasauqua Area School District school resource officers. He gave them letters and goody bags - keeping a 6-foot distance during the visit, of course.

Coloring a picture takes around 20 minutes for him, a task he really enjoys. His favorite drawing was the picture he made to go along with the letter to firefighters.

Layden said he thinks the people who receive a letter, drawing or goody bag will be very happy.

“I hope it makes [his or her] day,” he reflected.

Even though Layden’s project can’t reach the whole world, his kindness is spreading across the neighborhood, and that, for a 7-year-old, is a big deal.

“My son feels like he is making a difference to make people happy,” Frisch said. “It makes him feel good and happy. We hope it passes on.

“I couldn’t be more honored to call him my son. He would help everyone if he could. It makes me proud I am bringing him up with such a kind, loving heart,” Frisch said.

How long will Layden continue his project?

“Forever,” Layden said. “I want to spread the kindness. I want other people to be happy and feel the love.”

Layden is excited for life to return to normal and is looking forward to seeing his friends.

One of three siblings, Layden said he loves his brother and sister and is proud of his mom.

“She works really hard for us,” Layden said.

Likewise, Frisch feels the same and is proud of her son.

“I would like to personally thank all the workers out there on the front lines for us,” she said. “We will come together and get through this. Better days are to come. Spread the kindness - that’s all we want.”

Contributed photosHanover Township, Lehigh County, resident Layden Frisch shows one of the pictures he colored for local firefighters. Layden is a second-grader at Sheckler Elementary School and is writing letters and sharing treats with various essential employees working during the coronavirus pandemic.