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South Bethlehem Christmas

Bethlehem Women of Excellence held its annual Christmas party Dec. 21 at Broughal MS. Women of Excellence is a nonprofit organization of Christian women that focuses on women’s empowerment through volunteer work.

The Christmas party provides food and fellowship to hundreds of South Bethlehem families every year, and is staffed by volunteers from the organization, as well as Bethlehem Police Department officers and their families.

Donors providing food, supplies, and presents for this year’s celebration were Albarell Electric, Bethlehem Area Public Library, Bethlehem Area School District, Bethlehem Fire Department, Bethlehem Police Department, Christmas City Studios, the City of Bethlehem, Coca-Cola, Community Action Bethlehem, Domino’s Pizza, Entenmann’s Bakery, Goosey Gander, Hands In Service, Hellertown Library, Holiday Hope Chest, La Lupita, Lehigh Pizza, Stone House Group, TastyKake, and Toys for Tots.

Bethlehem volunteer organization Women of Excellence held its annual Christmas party for Southside families Dec. 21 at Broughal MS. Jamela Earl ard Jodi Johnson, at right, are assisted by volunteers Kadian Johnson, Michael Mendoza, and Sam Mendoza at the pizza station.