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CWSA will review Eberhart station plans

At its Nov. 21 regular meeting, Coplay Whitehall Sewer Authority’s board concentrated on details to close out the end of the year.

The main unresolved issue was completing the update plans for the Eberhart Road pump station. These plans were delayed while other plans were made to integrate solar power as part of the power source. The solar project has been canceled, and the new installation will move forward.

The board is concentrating on preparing the 2020 budget. At this point, the board is confident there will be no increase in sewer rates.

“We will have all the budget details available after our December meeting, and we will release the figures to the public at that time,” Chairman John Schreiner said.

There are projects on the books for 2020, and the new budget will clarify which will be funded and the projected cost. Several projects are pending in Whitehall Township for the upcoming year. Most projects in Coplay Borough were completed in 2018-19 in conjunction with the Coplay-Northampton Bridge work.

CWSA received excellent reviews for its management and efficiency of the sewer system. The intent is to continue to build on that pattern of excellence.