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In light of recent tragic events in El Paso and Dayton, as well as the many that have come before, I found it a little more comforting when I noticed on Aug. 5 on Main Street a Bethlehem police officer carrying more than just his normal service revolver as he patrolled Main Street with a second officer.

Dana Grubb

Later that same evening four mounted patrol officers from the Pennsylvania State Police wound their way along Main Street to West Market Street, where they stationed themselves at the intersection. It was heartwarming to witness their and the public’s friendly interaction while they monitored Musikfest activities from their perches on the backs of their mounts.

Dana Grubb

Luckenbach Mill was a treat. It is the large brick building to your right if you are heading down the trail. There was a very small sign on the stairs. I wish it had been larger. The children’s activities are set up in the large room you enter from the stars. The kids enjoyed working with clay and learned they were using the same kind of clay the early settlers used to make their cups, bowls and plates. There were some samples of early pottery, some broken. Another station was weaving. The kids wove colored yarn on a board. There were jars on the table, holding materials the settlers used to make dye for their wool. At another station were small notched pieces of wood to build with. There was a photo of a log house. At another station, there was a coloring project, coloring and cutting out drawings of children in clothes the settlers children wore. The last station was tin piercing. The kids used a thumbtack to poke into the tin through a paper with a shape outlined on it. There were many designs to choose from. My 5-year-old loved this. His pattern was a simple star. There were more complex designs for older kids. His friend enjoyed the weaving most. The volunteers were very helpful. They were from the Heritage Society, but one told me she also serves as a Musikfest volunteer. There was also a detailed model of the old mill. There was an art exhibit upstairs. I decided against taking the little ones up, but another family went up while we were there, and when they came down they spoke enthusiastically about the exhibit. Unfortunately, the water works was not operating when we visited. But the children’s activities alone occupied the kids for the best part of an hour. And the building was air conditioned, a big bonus on a hot sunny day.

Lanie Goins