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Borough planner presents new project proposals

Northampton Borough Planner Victor Rodite presented a report containing proposals for various projects at the May 16 council meeting.

Rodite’s submission includes several initiatives, including the implementation of a Main Street manager to spur the business and retail operations in the commercial corridor.

“I am deeply engrossed in the preparation of maps, documents and text for the 2019 Community Development Block Grant application,” he said.

Rodite noted he would appreciate the opportunity to confer with council, borough Manager LeRoy Brobst and Mayor Thomas Reenock to “get the plan back on track.”

Specifically, Rodite addressed an offer to present an update on the borough’s comprehensive and action plans, including a summary of the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission freight study. He requested council’s input for infrastructure and any other improvements that could be supported by a grant.

He also identified the value of having a Main Street manager program, stressed the value of creating an economic development action plan and presented a concept for the borough civic land use cluster, including its grant opportunities.

Council approved the fire department holding a coin toss 8 a.m.-4 p.m. June 22 at Main and 21st streets, taking into account the required state permits have been approved.