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Allen tables bids

Allen Township Board of Supervisors reviewed bids for the township salt shed at the April 9 meeting and deemed them to be too high. The bids were tabled.

The phenomenon of high bids is unusual, but contractors are busy. Municipalities are seeing more instances where projects have bids that are higher than expected.

Before full employment, government projects were bid low to keep crews busy while contractors waited for private projects. In this era of full employment, government projects need to compete with higher-value private projects.

Supervisors released additional security to the Rockefeller Development Group, indicating that the project is nearing completion. There is a punch list that needs to be addressed.

Township Manager Ilene Eckhart, based on information presented to her, questioned the durability of the top coat on Willowbrook Road. The township engineer might add a longer maintenance period to ensure the road meets requirements. The road was paved during variable weather conditions.

Supervisors are moving forward with an ordinance to restrict the use of fireworks. The new rules bring local ordinances in compliance with state guidelines. The proposal requires a permit for commercial displays along with a bond and liability insurance. Commercial displays are restricted to half-hour shows during the hours of 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. Commercial fireworks cannot be displayed within 300 feet of an occupied structure.

Consumer fireworks cannot be launched between 10 p.m. and noon the following day and cannot be ignited on any property owned by the township.

Christine Mildner, of Barry Isett & Associates, presented a proposal to the supervisors to involve high school students in certain MS4 projects. MS4 is a state-mandated program that controls stormwater flows. The township gets credits for projects that prevent or reduce water pollution. The projects are measured for effectiveness over a five-year period.

Supervisors approved a request for a rodeo at Willowbrook Farms. The rodeo is scheduled for June 1. This is a repeat of a similar successful event in 2018.

Bath-Allen Youth Club will hold opening day ceremonies May 4 starting 9 a.m. at Howertown Park.