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Some Pennsylvania Dutchisms: My pie didn’t get. My mister works at Macks. Ach, I never liked her so as it was. I’d better broom out the house, once. They think they’re much. It’s nasty out today.


Weisenberg Lowhill Township Historical Society, 4585 Werleys Corner Road, New Tripoli, will have its genealogy workshop open 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Feb. 9. Wi-Fi is available. If you do not have a laptop, there is assistance at the site.

Call Deb at 610-285-2693 or go to weisenberglowhill.org for more information.


Willst du Pennsilfaansich Deitsh schwetze lanne? No muss du zum der Nei Tripoli Feier Kumpani kumme an Dunnerschdaag Owets am halwer siwwe Owets zum achde uhr alli Woch bis aa Zeit im Abril.

Do you want to learn to speak Pennsylvania Dutch? Then you must come to the New Tripoli Fire Company 6:30-8 p.m. Thursdays every week until a time in April.

Don Billing will host the classes. Videos are shown followed by discussion and songs.

Local Pennsylvania Dutch speakers are available to assist and dictionaries are available for purchase.

The class is free but a donation to the fire company would be appreciated.

For information, call Don at 484-764-7879.


Weisenberg Volunteer Fire Company, 2500 Golden Key Road, Kutztown, is offering corn pies, with chicken, corn, potatoes or corn, hard-boiled eggs, and sticky buns, either plain, walnut or raisin in small or large, for sale from Feb. 7-26.

Pickup is March 7 at the fire station. Call Pat at 610-285-2488 to place orders.

Mach’s gut,

Mary Bittner Henry