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Planet Trog lands No Bragging Rights

No Bragging Rights, a melodic, hardcore punk band that espouses Christian-like morals and ideals, performs at 6 p.m. Oct. 5, Planet Trog, 3570 MacArthur Road, Whitehall.

"All songs are positive," says Mike Perez, lead singer and founder of the band.

Perez founded the band in Riverside, Calif., in 1999 when he was 15-years-old.

The band includes Perez, vocals; Christian Lee, guitar; Daniel Garrow, guitar; Ryan Warrell, bass; and Martin Alcedo, drums.

The group has played the "Taste of Chaos 2009" at The House of Blues, San Diego, Calif., and, more recently, has been on tour Acacia Strain, Cruel Hand, Fit for an Autopsy and I Declare War.

The group's albums tend to have a unifying theme.

The group's releases include "Never Again Demo" (2001), "The Razor Apologies" EP (2002), "Waking Angel Demo" (2004), "Because You Believe in Something Beyond Them" (2006), "The Anatomy of a Martyr" EP (2007), "The Consequences of Dreams" (2009), "Illuminator" (2011) and "Cycles" (2012).

The group's "Passion Vs. Fashion" was released on the "Vans 2010 Warped Tour Compilation" album and "Unafraid to Burn" was released on the "Atticus V" compilation album (2011).

"We try to ask a lot of questions in our songs. We want to send a message of hope," Perez says.

The song, "Not My Salvation," is about how people can become focused on the wrong things in regard to religion, rather than their own personal relationship with God.

The song, "Hope Theory," gives listeners the message to never give up on one's dreams.

"We all have the gift of our brain letting us think for ourselves," says Perez. "Never give up."

The group's most recent music video, "Empire Disarray" (2011), is from "Illuminator," which is about bringing light to all things.

According to Perez, the song discusses three main issues: One, exposing the music industry; two, how record labels "enslave their bands," and three, the listener who sits back passively and lets it all happen.

At the show Oct. 5, which happens to be Perez's 29th birthday, Bragging Rights is expected to perform "Empire Disarray," "Blind Faith," "6th and Main" and "Hope Theory," among others.

"Being able to perform these songs that were written with the lyrics we came up with is one of my favorite things about being apart of No Bragging Rights," says Perez.

"It's really cool to get positive feedback and to know our music helped someone or put them in a better mood."